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What is a loop detector?

This is a special system consisting of a loop cable integrated into the driveway which is connected to a detector in the opener's control panel. When a vehicle goes over the cable, the detector is triggered and the gate opens automatically.

What is UL 325?

This is a safety standard which all manufacturers of gate openers must meet. When you go shopping for such a device, you have to check specifically that it meets this standard. You can expect all models from top brands such as a Liftmaster opener to meet it, say our experts in Seattle.

Why should I read the garage door manual?

There are many reasons for reading the manual. Seattle experts say that it contains the steps to be followed during emergency situations. The manual also teaches how to operate the garage door easily. Some repair tips are also taught in the manual.

How will I know if it’s time to replace the door?

You have to check if the garage door is still working well. You can also consider its overall appearance. When you have used the garage door for long and you think it’s time to buy a new one, do it.

Is a sectional garage door better than others?

Our experts say that sectional garage doors, as their name implies, are composed of sections. The best thing about them is that when a section is damaged, you do not have to replace the entire door. Only the damaged section can be replaced. This saves a lot on repairs and maintenance as well.

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