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Find useful gate and garage door tips here.

Troubleshoot a garage motor by letting it cool down

If the motor does not seem to operate in the best way possible, seems slow or makes strange noises, you need to turn it off and let it cool down for about 20 minutes. This should help to get things back to normal.

Protect the garage door tracks from road salts

When you drive your car during the winter, you bring road salts inside and they can damage the galvanization of the bottom of tracks. For this reason, you need to apply protective coating and a sufficient amount of lubricant before the winter comes.

Maintaining wooden gates

Wooden gates are not very easy to maintain and you should watch out for splits, loose nails and a fading finish among others. First, sand down the area that needs to be repaired and painted and then allow it to dry so that it stops the wood from rotting. Cracked paint allows moisture to enter and that in turn serves as a breeding ground for microorganisms to damage the wood. In case the gate is not too old, a little spot correction should do the trick.

Have frayed safety cables replaced without delay

The role of these cables is to keep the pieces in place in case the springs break. That is why they must be in perfect condition. Fraying makes them highly likely to snap. If this happens, the whole garage will be much less safe. Ensure that the replacement cables are sufficiently thick and strong for serving their purpose well.

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