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05/15/2014 Back To Blog

Should Some Parts Be Checked Often?

That's the million dollar question and a tricky one at that! Should some garage door parts be checked more often than others? If we answer yes, we immediately think of the importance to have functional openers, good springs, adjusted sensors and doors but where does that lead us? Does it mean that garage door tracks, rollers and cables are to be checked more rarely? What about the tiny hardware like bolts, brackets, hinges and nuts? If we answer no, it means that all parts are of equal importance and all two hundred parts of our overhead door must be checked at the same time and with the same frequency.garage door parts

Does that sound tiring? Well, this is where the question gets tricky. The truth is that all parts are of great importance. We cannot diminish the value of nuts because how would we secure the bolts, which hold the brackets and hinges tight that in turn keep the sectional doors and most parts secure? On the other hand, why do we constantly refer to the importance of springs and openers and emphasize on their early replacement before they get totally worn?

All parts are equally important

In reality, all parts of any garage system are equally significant for its good and proper operation. If you gather all the parts needed in order to assembly the door and you are missing the smallest hardware, you won't be able to complete the assembly of the door. Since all parts have the same importance, they must be all checked frequently. The difference is that each component has a different role, is made by slightly different materials, have different level of tolerance to hardship, a different reaction to elements and a different life expectancy.

So, garage door springs get too much hype because they are more sensitive to different climatic conditions, get to do the hardest job among all other parts, the coils that extend and retract might get loose and their lifespan is shorter than other parts. Plus, they can get dangerous if they snap and that's why it is important to check and repair them often. Alas, failure to check, align and maintain sensors even weekly might have terrible consequences to your safety. On the other hand, despite their great significance to the movement of the door, garage door rollers will last for ages with good lubrication twice every year. So, every part must be checked often but also depending on its needs.

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