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Invest in Gate Intercom Systems

03/30/2014 Back To Blog

New age technology contributes enormously to people's convenience and, above all, security. When people install a steel gate and a fence in the perimeter of their house, they expect full security. Though, intercom systems will enhance your security since they will allow you full verbal and visual communication with the visitors. After all, gates are usually installed in big estates or office and apartment buildings where people have no visual contact with those standing at the gate. Being able to communicate with them through a phone enter system will save time and keep you secure.Invest in Gate Intercom Systems

Program intercom systems for greater security

Intercom installation is necessary for large buildings in order for tenants to let in expected visitors and not just anyone. It is the ultimate way of securing premises and a convenient way for owners. Isn't it easier to communicate with visitors through an intercom system and buzz them in instead of having to walk all the way to the gate in order to greet them? Today, there are multiple options depending on personal needs and budgets. Entry phone systems can be wired or wireless, have a colored or black & white camera, powered by plain or solar batteries, facilitate the entrance of vehicles or/and pedestrians and they can be connected to your home phone or other cordless handset.

Intercom systems can be combined with a gate opener keypad as well. You will definitely have personal codes and temporary ones for your visitors or your postman. Some phone intercom systems will notify you about a visitor ringing your bell through your mobile phone and provide full convenience. The combination of keypad and intercom systems is actually excellent and these systems can be mounted in any gate regardless if you have sliding, overhead or roll up gates. It will facilitate even thousands of people living or working in a building with personal codes and systems adapted to the needs of the building. People won't lose time and their security will be guaranteed.

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